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What is microwave sickness?

EMFs and Health

Cell phone, wireless radiation classified ‘group 1 carcinogenic to humans’

Cancer WARNING: Do NOT sleep with this next to your head or in your bed

STOP TAKING THE TABLETS Forget junk food — the light from phones and tablets is just as harmful to our health

Sleeping With Technology: Harming Your Brain One Night at a Time

New Study Links Cellphone Radiation to Heart and Brain Tumors

This is what your smartphone is doing to your brain -- and it isn't good

Why You Need to Stop Carrying Your Mobile Phone in Your Pocket or Bra


Wireless connectivity silently creating medical problems: Expert

Here’s Why You Should Stop Using Your Smartphone in Bed—Seriously

Why You Need to Stop Carrying Your Mobile Phone in Your Pocket or Bra

Recognize electro-sensitivity as a disease, scientists urge WHO

Six Questions About Cellphone Radiation and Your Health

EMF Mast Cells, Histamine And The Immune System

Microwaves, Wi-Fi, and other EMF signals linked to headaches, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and more

Neurosurgeon Reveals Radiation from Wi-Fi, Smart Meters and Cell Phones Cause the Blood-Brain Barrier to Leak

EMFs and Menopause

Hot Flashes and Night Sweats May NOT be What You Think

EMFs and Aging

6 Crazy Ways Your Cellphone is Aging Your Skin

Your phone could be aging your skin

Clarins anti-radiation facial spray

EMFs and Troubled Sleep

Experiencing Sleepless Nights? It May be Due to High EMF in Your Bedroom

EMFs and Children

Cell Phone Radiation & Children’s Health: What Parents Need to Know

Advice of The Cyprus National Committee on Environment and Children's Health

Multiple Countries Ban Wifi & Cell Phones Around Schools, Young Children & Fetuses

4 Harmful Effects Of Mobile Phones On Kids

Overtired, Bleary-Eyed Kids? Blame Too Much Screen Time

Virtual reality headsets could put children’s health at risk

Giving your child a smartphone is like giving them a gram of cocaine, says top addiction expert

Toddlers’ screen time linked to slower speech development, study finds

Could wireless technology be causing MAJOR health problems in your children?

Belgium bans sale of mobile phones designed for children

Easy Ways to Reduce Kids’ Exposure to Cell Phone Radiation

Wireless technology exposure impacting 11-year-old student

The iPad is a Far Bigger Threat to Our Children Than Anyone Realizes

Dr. Oz: Could your smart phone cause cancer in kids?

Smartphones made his kids ‘moody’ and ‘withdrawn.’ Now he wants to ban them for preteens.

New Research Links Cell Phones To Health Issues In Children

Dramatic rise in screen time putting children's health at risk, WHO warns

Pediatricians Warn Cell Phone Radiation Poses Cancer Risk to Children

EMFs and Pregnancy

The Joint Statement on Pregnancy and Wireless Radiation

Spermageddon: Why the human race could be infertile in 50 years

Silicon Valley parents are raising their kids tech-free — and it should be a red flag

Mobile phone radiation triples miscarriage risk

Radiation from electrical devices tied to miscarriage

Guys: Your Cellphone Is Hurting Your Sperm

Imagine a World with no Grandchildren

Review Of 21 Studies Concludes Phone Radiation Kills Sperm

Why men should NEVER put their phone in their pocket: Study shows how prolonged exposure to radiation steadily destroys sperm

EMFs in Schools

France is banning mobile phones in schools

France: New National Law Bans WIFI In Nursery School!

EHT Lauds Israel's Ban on Wi-Fi in Kindergarten and Limits to Children’s Wireless Exposures in Schools

9th grade student “Cress + WiFi” experiment attracts international attention

Wi-Fi OFF Switches Installed In Finnish School To Reduce Wireless Radiation Exposure To Children

EMFs and Smart Meters

Smart meters and cell damage from pulsed em radiation - our health at risk?

Smart meter radiation and health - why are we neglecting non-toxic alternatives?

EMFs and Behavior

ANTI-SOCIAL MEDIA MPs set to investigate the harmful effects of excessive use of smartphones and social media amid fears for children’s mental health

Prolonged phone usage linked to depression among youngsters, Study finds

Electromagnetic Radiation and Sex Differences

Why are Some Countries Removing Wi-Fi in Schools and Others Not?

Wildlife and Ecology

New Study Proves EMF Affects Living Things, Discovers Electro-bonsai Effect

Electronics Disrupt Bird Migration

Wireless pollution 'out of control' as corporate race for 5G gears up

As a power line moves in, an organic farm ponders its future

Scientists call for protection from ill-health effects of cell phones, Wi-Fi

Krakow's bold step to curb electromagnetic pollution reflects growing evidence of harm

5G and Beyond

Action alert: 5G cellular technology will blanket planetary life with ultra-high microwave frequencies

San Jose mayor says he’s quitting FCC broadband committee because Big Telecom is running it

CBSNews: LA Firefighters Say Cell Towers are Hazardous Microwaves

ConsumerWatch: 5G Cellphone Towers Signal Renewed Concerns Over Impacts on Health

The Internet of Things: What It Will Do—But What Will It Do To Your Health?

Ignore at your own risk: radio frequency/microwave radiation

EMF Warnings

WARNING SIGNAL Health officials warn how to avoid ‘harmful’ mobile radiation and say DON’T carry your phone in your pocket

Keep Your Cell Phone Away From Your Body, New State Guidelines Warn

California Tries to Cover Up Cellphone Hazards

World Environment Day: identifying new environmental hazards are imperative

US government’s premiere test program finds cancer risk from cell phone radiation: a game-changing global wake-up call

Study on Cell Phone, EMF Dangers Ignored

Cellphone radiation risks hidden by government health officials

Draft Fact Sheet From California Health Officials Links Cellphone Use, Cancer Risk

EMF Controversy Exposed

Wireless Radiation: What Scientists Know and You Don’t with Dr. Joel Moskowitz