How to Connect Your Device to the Ethernet


As our family continues to reduce our use of Wi-Fi in the home, we have now connected our favorite devices to the Ethernet. Here’s how!

Why reduce wireless technology?

I have become increasingly aware of the overlooked science that shows a clear connection between health and wireless technology. The high frequencies utilized by cellular phones, cordless phones, baby monitors, and smart meters create an unnatural stress on the body.

After investing in a Cornet Electrosmog Meter, I was able to see for myself the dramatic difference in emitted frequencies between the wireless vs. wired status in the house.

Transitioning from wireless to wired has been a year-long process. Our most recent success has been grounding our iPad, iPod, and iPhone.  With a little ingenuity and a few supplies, you’ll be able to enjoy your Apple devices without the added burden of wireless frequencies.

(For Android devices the BobjGear USB adaptor may do the trick. Find it here. You may also need a USB-OTG cable which changes your mini-USB port into a full-size USB port. Find it here. We have Apple devices so I have not experimented with this, but these products should help get you started.)

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