Below are some of the questions that we are often asked.

PLEASE NOTE: These 'frequently asked questions' are only listed to act as a quick guide as needed. We are available to speak to and we love to hear from our visitors so please call or email if you can't see the answers you are looking for or would still like more info.

It's a BIG subject and there are many variables so it's often easier to go over things in person!

This is NOT a 'sales pitch' to get you to call - it's just important to us that you have all the info you need and that you can get all the benefits possible from using the dots!!

What's the difference between all the different 'dot' options?

Each 'dot' is imprinted with a different frequency specifically created to counteract the various ways that EMFs and electrosmog affects things in our everyday lives.

bioDOT (EVERYONE needs to use one 24/7!)

smartDOT for your cell phones, tablets, computers and WiFi router etc. AND VITALLY for your smart meter, car etc.

spaceDOT or Pyramid for a whole house ‘clearing’ solution (also in your purse car etc.)

aquaDOT for your filter and other drinking water supplies (bottles etc.)

petDOT for any animals in your life!

The bioDOT is programmed to support and help strengthen our body's natural energy (bio) field. This is vital for everyone, as we are all exposed, every minute, of every day, to harmful EMF, everywhere we go.

The smartDOT is programmed to 'harmonize' the harmful EMFs that are emitted from every wireless device that exists. This includes cell phones, cordless phones, WiFi routers, tablets, computers, baby monitors, smart meters, etc.

The spaceDOT is programmed to help clear ambient EMFs, geopathic EMFs, negative energies, and other such unwanted interferences in the home or office.

The aquaDOT is programmed to help harmonize the EMFs that get into our drinking water, as left unchecked, we just swallow the harmful emissions straight into our bodies!

The sleepMAT is programmed to help our bodies 'relax' and reach a deeper level of sleep, which enables us to get a better amount of rest and regeneration.

The petDOT is programmed to help support and strengthen the natural field around animals of any kind - they are also being exposed to EMFs and harmful frequencies,  and they need help too!

How do I use the bioDOT (the one I need to put on my body)?

How do I use the bioDOT (the one I need to put on my body)?

The bioDOT is the 'personal dot' - it's the one that you should keep on, or close to your body, 24/7, or as much as possible.

It's important to keep it on or near you as much as possible so that the effects on your bio field can maintained and so help to protect you from the onslaught of EMFs all around us.

It can be stuck to the back of a watch or pendant, kept in your wallet or pocket or even your bra. It can also be purchased as a clip, tag or band for a 'ready to wear option.

Where can I put the smartDOT?

The smartDOT is for all wireless emitting devices. Anything that is sending and receiving man made signals should be covered.

It should be put on wireless routers, cell phones, cordless phones, baby monitors, tablets, laptops, computers, games consoles, smart meters, blue tooth ear pieces, TVs, in the car, etc; basically on any gadget that is communicating from one point to another.

The smartDOT can also be used on the microwave, in the circuit breaker box, hair dryers, air conditioners etc.

Do I really need an aquaDOT?

Water is extremely impressionable, and as a result it 'soaks up' the EMFs in its vicinity and we drink it straight into our bodies!

Part of the reason we are so susceptible to EMFs and our bodies effectively act as 'antennas' to the electromagnetic frequencies, is that the body is 70% - 80% water! So ensuring that the EMFs are harmonized before you drink them is pretty vital!

How is the space pyramid different to the spaceDOT?

The space pyramid has a spaceDOT embedded in it's base, which them amplifies the power of the dot to a radius of about 270 feet.

I get that all the 'dots' have different frequencies for different issues, but do I really need to use them all?

Each 'dot' is programmed to address a specific aspect of the harmful effects of EMFs and other negative energies.

While we recommend that they are all use as a complete 'toolkit' they can of course be used separately.

However the minimum that we would recommend is that everyone wears a bioDOT and uses a smartDOT on their cell phones.

I've heard that EMFs and emissions from my cell phone can speed up the aging process (make me look older????!!!) is that true?



My kids won't use the dots, but I want to protect them, what can I do?

Do what you can to make them agree to use the dots because this is really a matter of 'tough love' or however you want to word it. You know that they are being exposed to levels of EMFs and radiation that is harmful to them and that you want to protect them any way you can.

If you cannot get your child or loved one to wear the bioDOT then at least get them to put in on their cell phone (along side the smartDOT) as chances are that their phone is near them most of the day and night, so they can benefit from the proximity of the bioDOT that way.

Another thing you can do is put the bioDOT on their night stand, or bed, so that at least while they are asleep their bio fields can be supported and strengthened.


Surely cell phones and other wireless devices are safe to use, otherwise they would never have been released for sale, right?

The use of wireless technology, at the levels we are seeing today, is completely unprecedented and the levels and strengths are increasing by the day. This wide use of these man made frequencies has never been tested at the levels and consistency that we are all being exposed them now, and there is an ever growing amount of concern about the potential 'side effects' and unexplored ramifications of being exposed to so much radiation, constantly.

There are many, many scientific studies to be found that highlight various proven negative effects of living in a world surrounded by man made wireless frequencies and there are many countries now who are cutting back the use of these wireless devices (particularly in schools) and more and more people are becoming aware of the possible reactions from over use of mobile technology with new cases and information being exposed in the news with increasing regularity.

Let's take a cell phone as an example. A test can be made, using a fully grown man, holding the phone to his head, and the emissions can be measured. These emissions may or may not fall within the stated 'safety guidelines' but those emissions cannot be classed as constant, as depending on where you are, how close to a signal while making a call, what the length of the call is, the type of phone etc. all play a part in the strength and consistency of the signals.

So to blithely say that 'the emissions fall within....' is a pretty tall order.

On top of this the skull of a child is FAR thinner, and more penetrable than that of an adult, so how could the guidelines be the same as those for an adult?

Add then the fact that ONE cell phone emits 'X' amount of EMFs and radiation (SARs), but how about all the other gadgets that are emitting around you, at the same time???? How does all that add up to fit in with the 'safety guidelines'?

It is worth noting that you will find, somewhere in the small print of your cell phone's manual (or the baby monitor you keep by your child's head, or the wireless printer you have in the office, et al.) there is a warning - to keep the phone/monitor/printer etc. away from your body!!!! What does that tell you???

The truth is no one can know the full implications of something that has not been fully tested to it's fullest levels and scope of use, and until such a time as any of this be proven as harmless the best policy is the one offered by the World Health Organization (among others) and that's to take the 'precautionary principal', get more, longer term testing done, and reduce your own exposure as much as you possibly can.

No one is about to give up on wireless technology; in a very short space of time pretty much the entire world has become dependent on it, and much of it is extremely useful and convenient, but there has to come a point where one asks oneself, "how far can I let this go without having all the facts and knowing that there is even the smallest chance that they got it wrong" (think tobacco, think asbestos, to name just a couple) do you really want to risk yours and your children's futures for the sake of not getting better informed and taking a few simple and basic precautions???

Can I can afford to spend money on these 'dots'?
Can I can afford to spend money on these 'dots'?

Well the simply answer to that is - can you afford not to?

Until we know what the full implications of living in this self imposed EMF environment we should at least do what we can to mitigate our obvious potential exposure. We should also listen to our 'instincts'.

We know that something isn't right about the fact that after speaking on our cells for a few minutes we can get a 'hot ear' or feel a tightening our heads, or a 'ringing in our ears'. Or that we no longer sleep as well or as deeply as we used to. Or that we may feel more 'wired' or unable to 'relax' than in the past. And these are just some of the minor and perhaps less obvious symptoms that have been reported as being as a result of EMF exposure. The full list of negative health issues that are now being associated with these emissions is long and extremely alarming.

Ask yourself this - have you inexplicably felt less energetic, more lethargic, less rested, more stressed, more anxious, than you did a few years ago? Maybe there are other 'little' things that you've sort of become aware of but can't really put a finger on? Could these 'things' be due to your ever increasing amount of EMF exposure?

But to answer the 'money' question with what we know for sure;

How much did you spend on all your wireless and other EMF gadgets in the first place? That includes your cell phone, tablet, laptop, computer, TV, WiFi router, baby monitor, games console, blue tooth head set, Alexa, on, and on and on.

What did all these cost YOU?

Now add up how much you spend each month keeping these things connected up so you can use them?

Now take a look at the cost of giving yourself some protection from the harm these EMF emitting devices may be causing you - doesn't really come close, does it?!