Where's the best place to start?

While every situation is potentially different below is a guideline of which 'dots' you could look at to deal with the various areas that you would like to protect.

Think of the 'dots' as a tool kit that works with you 24/7 to help protect you and your family from harmful emissions wherever you go!

While of course we believe that using every one of the products, as a complete package, will give the most protection, there are 2 products that we consider to be 'bare essentials' no matter what else you might need, and those are;

The Essentials



the bioDOT for you to wear 24/7 (or as much as possible) and smartDOT to put on your most used wireless device, usually a cell phone.

The bioDOT will help to strengthen your body's natural protection, and, based on user feedback, can help to increase energy levels and improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, as well as many other positive effects; and this in turn helps to give your body a chance to  cope better with every day life.

The easiest and most convenient way to start using energydots is by getting our Starter Pack 1 - the bioDOT + smartDOT combination pack.

Wearing the bioDOT protects you wherever you go 24/7!

For this reason we sell packs of both products as a 'dual pack' in various forms - the 'bio/smart' pack, or the bioBAND, bioTAG or bioCLIP, all of which come with a 'ready to wear' bioDOT and a smartDOT as standard.

For more information on these please to to our 'Products' page.



The smartDOT is vital for anyone who uses a cell phone particularly as people tend to be in direct contact with them, either holding them up to their heads for long periods or keeping them tucked into their pockets, or even bras, for convenience; and the effects of this constant exposure to the EMFs and radiation emitted by cell phones is extremely important to reduce as much as possible.

In an ideal world you would have a smartDOT on all your devices. smartDOT is a harmonizer.  It radiates an energy which retunes the electromagnetic frequencies from your devices so they become less harmful to use.

Each cell in our body acts like an antenna.  The body will pick up and react to the fields it is exposed to.  Retune these fields and allow your body to relax.




The spaceDOT is designed to harmonize disruptive energies and so uplift the energy in your home or work space. The Phi energy that spaceDOT continuously radiates will interact resonantly with your environment to produce a powerful clearing harmonic. This harmonic re-energizes and balances the area by the process known as entrainment.

Geopathic, architectural, historical and emotional factors all have a significant influence on the energetic quality of our built environment - and therefore on us. The spaceDOT is designed to retune energetic disturbances, creating positive vital energy. Feel the flow of high vibration energy all day every day.

As human beings, we are very good at adapting ourselves to environmental disturbances. However, this is not the same as changing their effects for our benefit. Symptoms like poor quality sleep, irritability, difficulty relaxing and headaches can all be helped by attending to your energetic environment.

The Pyramid protects up to 90 yards 

This stunning yet simple glass Pyramid, modeled on the dimensions of the Great Pyramid in Egypt, is unique. Designed by energydots and made exclusively for us it has a spaceDOT visibly embedded at its center.

We recommend that you buy a pyramid for your house or office, to bring positive and harmonious energy to your space.  Geopathic, architectural, historical and emotional factors all have a significant influence on the energetic quality of our living environment - and therefore on us.

As well as an object of beauty, it has all the functionality of the spaceDOT and will grace any room while harmonizing the spatial energy around it. It has an effective working radius of approximately ninety meters/yards .



Would you like to sleep deeply and feel more refreshed in the morning? Our sleepMAT improves sleep and brings you a sense of rested calm.  Radiation from wi-Fi and our much loved gadgets interferes with sleep patterns and may people are struggling to have a good nights sleep.

sleepMAT is an organic, hand-made, cotton product with an energyDOT at the centre.  This DOT holds and radiates a soothing natural energy.  This energy will help you move from alpha to theta and finally the delta rhythms of deep sleep.

Each sleepMAT comes with a smartDOT which can be used on any device.  See the for your devices section for details.



As animal lovers we all want to care for our pets in the best way possible, but it can sometimes be easy to forget that they too are being exposed to the electromagnetic emissions and radiation that surrounds us, and that they are also being detrimentally affected by this type of pollution!

In fact as their senses are usually more finely tuned in to environmental stimuli they may even be more aware of the constant bombardment of pulsing electronic frequencies from our mobile Wi-Fi devices than we are, but can’t tell us about it!

Sticking a petDOT on their collar, halter or other item that they wear can help protect and support them from the harmful effects of these gadgets and possibly help boost their natural energy and zest for life!

Some energydot options

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bioDOT - the personal dot
SmartDOT - For Your Devices
spaceDOT - for the home or workplace
sleepMAT - for a more rested sleep