The Scientific Look

Check out this short overview showing the thermal effects of using a cell phone on the human body.

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energydots research

The following section contains the results of research commissioned by Global EMF Solutions to show the effectiveness of energydots and has been assessed using a number of methodologies.

Research summary booklet - Join the DOTs

Thermal Imaging - Hot head, cool head. energydots create a reduction in thermal heating

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Bioimaging - The effect of EMFs & energydots on the human energy field

Gas Discharge Visualisation

Microscopy - Red blood cells & how they react to EMFs & energydots

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how energydots harmonize

Entrainment -  can be defined as the synchronization of organisms to an external rhythm i.e. the tendency for two oscillating bodies to lock into phase so that they vibrate in harmony. Click here for more info.

electro magnetic frequencies (EMFs)

Electromagnetic pollution - a summary of the issues

scientific & government papers

Council of Europe
The Potential Dangers of EMFs and their effect on the environment 2011
EMFs from Mobile Phones~
Health Effect on Children and Teenagers - Russian National Committee on Non-Ionising Radiation April 2011
The Seletun Scientific Statement
Cell Phones
15 Reasons for Concern 2009
Expressions of Concern
from Scientists, Physicians, Health Policy Experts & Others
BioInitiative Report
Summary for the Public 2007
GCSE Year 10 Curriculum
Part I
GCSE Year 10 Curriculum
Part II