The company was formed in the UK about 15 years ago to develop solutions that address the ever increasing levels of electro-magnetic (EMFs and radiation) emissions from wireless and other mobile devices, and from this the energydots product range was born, and is going from strength to strength.

With the recent increase in awareness about the potential harm caused by these electro-magnetic emissions (harm which is now being regularly highlighted in the mainstream press) the company has been experiencing exponential growth, with outlets opening as far afield as Asia, Africa, Australia and of course Europe, and recently we have opened an office in the USA to facilitate and further expand and support the demand across this continent.

We all now live with very high levels of energy interference from the constant exposure to technology. We are bringing energydots to a wide audience for the best possible reasons: to give people a tool to help counteract this interference and this in turn supports physical health.

Although we are all equally potentially affected, we are particularly concerned with the children and young people of the world.

We live in a sea of electro-pollution and our children are growing up immersed in this toxic environment. They are thought to be more vulnerable to the effects of electro-pollution and they have a longer life time of exposure.

It is vital to limit harm from the electro-magnetic radiation which now envelopes us, and we believe that by working together we can make a real difference.